Activities with the theme of "Urban Lighting Planning and Culture and Tourism Economy" attended by Qinli Photoelectric Company

release date:2018-09-26


This paper explains the planning and design of urban night scene lighting, and gives corresponding classical cases for lighting objects with

different attributes. The system combs and analyses the planning of night scene lighting

The second part

The lighting planning and design methods of 5W are presented, which are what, where, who, why, when and logical analysis and deduction

of design. For the design scheme, multi-angle, multi-dimensional scientific thinking mode is proposed.

The third part

The conference shared several classic projects at home and abroad that the designer presided over and participated in. The largest women's University in the

world, Riyadh Women's University of Saudi Arabia, the Independent Hall of American History and Architecture.

Creative ideas and solutions. Through these practical cases, the first part of the lighting planning and design theory research and the

secondpart of the lighting design method, a complete interpretation and verification. It is pointed out that our industry is in a golden age

of rapid development. The future lighting industry will be more and more refined, and the professional requirements of designers will be

higher and higher.

Shenzhen Qinli photoelectric Co., Ltd.

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